When I was approached by Jodi’s publicist, Whitney, to review Jodi’s faith based debut rock album, “Irreverent”, I said “are you sure that you have the right person? Don’t you think it’s a little odd having a Jewish guy review a Christian rocker’s album? Whitney told me that she was impressed by my previous review of a “The Pretty Reckless” album, and that she thought I would enjoy Jodi’s album too.

Wow, was Whitney right. I loved it. If you like searing guitar licks, hard thumping drums, softer insightful ballads, and the voice of a beautiful, confident women, singing her truth, then this album is for you.

You can’t listen to the beginning track of this album sitting down. No seriously, I had to get out of my chair. I couldn’t ignore Jodi commanding me to “get up, stand up, and rise, and lift my hands up to the sky”.

Track 1, “Stand Up” tells the story of hitting rock bottom, and turning to God to help you turn your life around. If only my Hebrew School teachers played music like this when I was a kid. Who knows, maybe I would have become a Rabbi. The song opens up with the sound of an ocean wave, followed by a great repetitive guitar lick, followed up by some crashing drums. Jodi’s voice is powerful and, her tone reminds me of a young Pat Benatar.

Track 2, “Soar” slows things down a little bit. The song starts off with the sound of a hollow knocking sound, and some mellow guitar playing, and eventually picks up speed, and intensity. Jodi shares a story about how God doesn’t work on your impatient timetable, but will eventually open doors for you, and help you soar to greatness, if you only embrace his plan. There is a killer guitar solo about three minutes into the song.

Track 3, the title song, “Irreverent” is my favorite song on the album. The drumming is exceptional, and maintains a fever pitched beat. I love Jodi mouthing the words about 1:45 into the song, and the drum and guitar solos around 2:15.

Track 4, “What is your Truth”, slows the pace down again. I love the softness of her voice at 2:01 into the song. However, the guitar and drum solos at around 3:01 are the highlight of this song.

Track 5, “Symphony” reminds me of “Heart’s” song “Dog and Butterfly”. It is a pretty ballad that just puts you in a very relaxed state of mind.

Track 6, “Fighter” reminds me of, the band Survivor’s song, “Eye of the Tiger”. The song once again starts off with some punchy in your face drumming, and some exciting guitar licks. Jodi’s vocals are once again spot on. I love it when Jodi once again mouths her words around 2:14. I also like it when they double track her voice from 2:43-2:53.The drumming is first rate, and takes over from 1:53 until the end of the song. It’s funny though how  all I hear is “Eye of the Tiger”, every time Jodi sings “I am a fighter”. I can see Rocky Balboa falling to the canvas, and Jodi yelling at him to get up because he is a fighter. Let me know if you share the same experience.

The album goes down a mellow road after this.

Track 7, “Weightless” is another nice ballad. The highlights include Jodi bending her voice at 3:23, and the guitar solo that takes over at 3:33.

Track 8, “All Right” has another great guitar solo that starts around 2:40. Jodi’s vocals are strong throughout.

Track 9, “Someone Somewhere” is a little too relaxed for me, and doesn’t really go anywhere exciting. The best part is Jodi’s vocals from 3:20-3:35.

Track 10, “Rearview Mirror” starts with a nice relaxed piano/keyboard solo to about 40 seconds. Jodi’s vocals are simply beautiful throughout.

Overall, this is a wonderful debut album, and one that Jodi should be proud of. I’d give the album an 8.5/10. Please check out my interview with her on my newly created You Tube Channel. She really is a gift from God. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman, who emanates warmth inside and out. I can’t wait to hear her sophomore release. Send your comments to russ@thevinylrevivers.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Listening-


Please note, that my review is based solely on the music and lyrics, and not the actual recording. I initially received some MP3 files that were overly compressed. I couldn’t listen to it. The review was done listening to her CD which was a great improvement, but was still lacking in true dynamics. I would have loved to hear Jodi’s voice soar above the drums and guitar that was all at the same sound levels.