The new Black Ice Audio F100 is our Reference mono block tube power amplifier.

EL34 Tubes – $7,800.00 

655 Tubes – $8,200.00

KT77 Tubes – $8,250.00

KT88 Tubes – $8,450.00


The Odyssey Circuit, designed in 2015, is a dual phase V drive circuit. With El34 power tubes, it pumps out 120 watts per channel of pure tube magic. Silky smooth and emotional, the days of the smoke filled, low light jazz clubs are making a come back.

The dual chassis design features carbon fiber and mirror-finished glass panels with LED backlit touch sensors provide a sleek and unbreakable platform for our latest tube technology.

With 6550 power tubes F100 unleashes 140 watts per channel and up 160 watts per channel with KT 150 Power Tubes! Using the XLR Bridge each F100 mono block doubles in power and is capable of up to 320 watts per channel or a Solid State equivalent of up 960 watts per channel.