The new Black Ice Audio F22 is a state-of-the-art stereo tube integrated amplifier sporting a new breakthrough circuit design by Jim Fosgate.

EL34 Tubes – $2,500.00 

655 Tubes – $2,750.00

KT77 Tubes – $2,800.00

KT88 Tubes – $2,950.00

The dual chassis design features carbon fiber and mirror-finished glass panels with LED backlit touch sensors which provide a very strong and sleek platform for our latest tube technology.

The Odyssey Circuit, designed in 2015, is a dual phase V drive circuit. With El34 power tubes, it pumps out 50 watts of pure tube magic. Silky smooth and emotional, the days of the smoke filled, low-light jazz clubs are making a come back.

Using the Exact Biasing Vu meter, changing over to the 6550/KT88 power tubes is a breeze and the F22 becomes 60 watts of dynamic force or 66 watts of KT150 power to rock any room.