The F360 takes the guesswork out of dialing in the system and the room without placing speakers 10 feet from the walls.

We asked ourselves what quality does the ideal preamplifier possess? Control, Control, Control! That’s why we designed the F360 preamplifier which can contour the sound to your room and preferences.

The Input Stage uses a 6SN7 dual triode tube with no negative feedback which has become an audiophile favorite because of its ability to bring a holographic sound stage without losing detail.

The Dimension Pro Circuit* designed by Jim Fosgate is a breakthrough ‘dimensional shaping’ circuit – transforming your music into a custom experience by giving you the ability to adjust the size of the soundstage in your room. The circuit is an electronic fix for out of place speakers and hard to control rooms. The speakers and the room will disappear with a turn of the dimension pro knob, allowing the listener the ability to focus or widen the soundstage.