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Bryston BAX-1


DSP 3-way crossover


The BAX-1 is Bryston’s new state of the art digital crossover. Specially programmed for full compatibility with their loudspeaker models, the BAX-1 is a perfect fit for your Bryston active system. Composed of two channels of analog to digital conversion, the BAX-1 converts full range analog audio from your preamplifier, to an equivalent digital audio signal (sampled at 96kHz and decimated to 24 bits). This signal is passed to a high-powered DSP core which performs the 3-way crossover function for each channel, and applies any user selected filters for altering the bass response of the loudspeakers. Six bands of audio (three per channel) are passed to six digital to analog converters, which then feed six amplifier channels (three per loudspeaker) via six balanced analog outputs.

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