Dr. Feickert Linear

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Dr. Feickert Linear

  • linear regulated, low-noise-power supply
  • auto-detection of primary voltage
  • 24 V / 500 mA DC sec.
  • current limitation sec. at 1000 mA
  • prim. over-voltage protection
  • grounding
  • prim. fuse 315 mA at 230V
  • prim. fuse 800 mA at 110V
  • power consumption 35 VA max.


we were able to transfer the virtues of the battery PSU to a linear regulated one with a high degree of operation safety at a fraction of the cost…Sonically

you will immediately recognize a darker background. Not only is there more quietness but more inner fine-dynamics in the sound. More details are revealed, and a virtual curtain is removed. A more precise focus with better imaging of the actors gives you a far better experience of your records…

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