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Introducing the new K-Series speaker stands. These speaker stands have been designed to match the K1 and K5. Their construction allows the reinforcement of low frequencies and clear mid-range due to their low resonance and rigid build.

There is a dedicated stand for the K1 and for the K5. The top plate has been designed to physically match the speakers shape to seamlessly join the tow together.


The look is both elegant and sleek with subtle detailing on the front centre pillar consisting of two vertical lines.

On the rear of the stand you will find a cut-out on the centre pillar allowing you to hide cables. Supplied with the K-Stands are clips and ties that allow further cable management options.

The top plates have 4 counter-sunk holes allowing for the use of stick-on rubber feet. These feet are to prevent the speakers accidentally being pushed off the stands.

The stands are supported by the chrome K-Series 6mm spikes and floor protectors.

If you are looking to complete your K1 or K5 system, the K-Series loudspeaker stand should be at the top of your list.

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