Horses And Trees is the second solo album by “rock’s first superstar drummer” Ginger Baker of Cream fame. Made in New York in 1985 and released on Celluloid Records in 1986, this 6-track instrumental masterpiece was recorded in collaboration with producer Bill Laswell. “I went to find Ginger Baker, in Tuscany. I said I have a project for you,” shared Laswell. “He lived in the mountains with olive trees, dogs, and horses, no electricity, it was very rough. I said I want to bring you to New York, we’re gonna record something. I talked about Africa a lot with him because I was just starting my work in Africa. It was interesting. I brought him to New York for PIL, John Lydon, and we had a great connection. While he was here, we said let’s do some other stuff… ‘Horses And Trees’ came up, let’s do a record on Ginger.”



  1. Interlock
  2. Dust To Dust
  3. Satou
  4. Uncut
  5. Mountain Time
  6. Makuta