Produced by Jason Moran and featuring Immanuel Wilkins’ quartet with Micah Thomas on piano, Daryl Johns on upright bass, and Kweku Sumbry on drums, Omega not only follows the alto saxophonist/bandleader’s pursuit of Jesus Christ, it’s an expansive opus about the totality of Black life.


The opening track, “Warriors,” is a bright tune unpacking the love that’s closest to you. “It’s about friendships, family, your hood, and your community,” Wilkins says. “It’s about us serving as warriors for whatever we believe in.” Omega’s “Ferguson – An American Tradition” captures the pulse of current times, when the calm led to anger over the senseless loss of life. It tells the story in reverse, from the aftermath of the shooting to the initial gunshots. The song grows more riotous as it unfolds, and by its second half, Thomas and Sumbry amplify the track with dueling keys and percussion meant to orchestrate a revolution.



  1. Warriors
  2. Ferguson – An American Tradition
  3. The Dreamer
  4. Mary Turner – An American Tradition
  5. Grace and Mercy
  6. Part 1. The Key
  7. Part 2. Saudade
  8. Part 3. Eulogy
  9. Part 4. Guarded Heart
  10. Omega