Peter, Paul and Mary – In Concert

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Peter, Paul and Mary – In Concert



  1. The Times They Are-A-Changin’
  2. A ‘Soalin’
  3. 500 Miles
  4. Blue
  5. 3 Ravens
  6. One Kind Favor
  7. Blowin’ In The Wind
  8. Car-Car
  9. Puff (The Magic Dragon)
  10. Jesus Met The Woman
  11. Le Deserteur
  12. Oh, Rock My Soul
  13. Paultalk
  14. Single Girl
  15. There Is A Ship
  16. It’s Raining
  17. If I Had My Way
  18. If I Had A Hammer


The In Concert set, which was released on July 24 (the second day of the 1964 Newport Folk Festival), gave a good idea of the on-stage abilities of an act that had become a worldwide success. A trade ad for the album noted that, since forming, the trio had played over 400 concerts to more than two million people. 

More than half of the 18 selections had not appeared previously on a Peter, Paul and Mary album. And the nearly 82-minute running time allowed space for the whole range of the group’s talents, from its mastery of traditional and thoughtful new material to Stookey’s previously unrecorded comic sensibility. 


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