Entry-level audiophile belt-driven turntable with pre-adjusted 8.6″ aluminum tonearm and mass-loaded plinth

Pro-Ject principle – “less is more” – and the extensive, unparalleled knowledge of designing the ultimate high-end turntables has led the brand to design the ELEMENTAL.

1) Chassis reduced to the bare minimum, to the GRAVITY MASS point as used in Pro-Ject high-end models. A moulded  piece of artificial stone holds the bearing and the platter. It is sufficiently heavy enough to deal with any vibration energy from the bearing and the motor!
2) Two small extensions from light MDF are mounted on the heavy central mass point, to hold the motor and the arm. All the vibration is directed to the MASS POINT and effectively absorbed there.
3) The platter is made of heavy and dense top-quality MDF, precisely balanced and absolutely “resonance dead”.
4) The bearing is the same super-quiet soft bronze bushing with Teflon plate and a super -hard steel shaft as we have used for hundreds of thousands of our highly acclaimed tables.
5) The new ultra-lightweight tonearm is perfectly optimized for the Ortofon OM5 “best buy” budget cartridge. The correct matching of a cartridge to a tonearm is crucial for the very best retrieval of the information in the LP grooves. Thus a high-end cartridge in the wrong arm will perform worse that a budget cartridge in a perfectly-matched system.
6) As the tonearm holds the OM5 in an ideal state, has been decided to employ a fixed, pre-adjusted counterweight and anti-skating force. This ensures the best sound and guarantees that it will be much easier for the customer to set up the table in the home.

Thus, for the first time we have a real hi-fi turntable which is truly PLUG & PLAY, looks “spacy” good and sounds great!