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Pro-Ject RPM 10 Carbon


• Advanced sandwich construction of plinth with combina-tion of MDF, carbon fibre and steel pellets
• Plinth manufactured with thermo treatment
• Mass loaded subchassis design with magnetic feet
• 14,5kg Ground it Carbon equipment base included
• Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball/plate
• Extra-heavy acoustically inert aluminium platter with
TPE damping and vinyl mat on the top
• DC power supply with AC motor
• Precise DC driven AC generator (Speed Box) built-in
• Electronic speed control with 33/45 rpm switching
• 78 rpm optional
• Outboard motor construction with massive steel base
• Pre-mounted 10“ tonearm 10 cc Evolution
• 5P Connect it Phono CC cable with RCA plugs (XLR available as an option)

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RPM 10 Carbon: Beautiful, clever design with ultimate high-end sound quality

Thanks to extensive research and development, we´re now lift our classic RPM design to an even higher level. The RPM 10 Carbon uses a new extra-heavy chassis. It features a special CNC-machined MDF base with resin-coated steel pellets to form an extra-heavy and precise sandwich construction. A special complex heat treatment and carbon surface coating ensures superior low resonance levels. The mass-loaded chassis is effectively decoupled from its surface using magnetic feet. Combined with a new special polished aluminium platter with internal TPE damping and a vinyl layer on top, the inverted ceramic main bearing delivers an absolutely stable turntable speed with extra-low rumble. The heavy outboard motor unit is equipped with precise motor control and features a built-in switch between 33 & 45 rpm. Last but not least, the non-compromise 10“ Evo tonearm with conical carbon-fibre arm tube and inverted bearing design ensures perfect tracking, even with demanding cartridges. Highly flexible top-grade copper internal wiring is used. Delivered with Ground it Carbon equipment base & top-grade 5P phono cable ´Connect it CC´ with RCA plugs (XLR as an option). Acrylic dustcover Cover it 1 is also available.

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