From the moment she first appeared in front of us on Saturday Night Live in 1979, Rickie Lee Jones has challenged her listeners and the establishment with an absorbing musical vision that defies border and classification. She rocked the culture of theĀ  singer/songwriter with her refusal to conform to the stayed and careful eloquence of the folk rock generation that came before her. Neither punk nor pop, she tottered on a thread of her own device, jazz – the old musical kind, and R&B – the Motown thread that permeates her work.



  1. Pink Flamingos
  2. Alter Boy
  3. Stewart’s Coat
  4. Beat Angels
  5. Tigers
  6. Rebel Rebel
  7. Jolie Jolie
  8. Running from Mercy
  9. A Stranger’s Car
  10. The Albatross