The Turning Year, Roger Eno’s solo debut album for Deutsche Grammophon, opened a window into the insights of the British composer. His radiant reflections on the changing seasons, released in April 2022, speak of beauty and stillness, sadness and simple pleasures. Now Eno has revisited and expanded this repertoire for a series of three EPs featuring a combination of illuminating reworks, previously unreleased tracks and gems from the album sessions. Collectively entitled The Turning Year: Rarities, the project sees him collaborate with violinist Rosie Toll, members of acclaimed German string ensemble Scoring Berlin and his daughters Cecily and Lotti Eno, as well as presenting many of his own solo works.



  1. The Turning Year
  2. Still Day
  3. Bells
  4. Softly
  5. Slow Motion 1
  6. Slow Motion 2
  7. Slow Motion 3
  8. Venerable Dilemma
  9. Moving Chords
  10. Or So I’ve Read
  11. Bells (with Voices)