The first official release by the Ducks — a short-lived group that Neil Young led Bob Mosely (bass and vocals), Jeff Blackburn (guitar and vocals) and Johnny Craviotto (drums) — High Flyin’ documents one of the least-covered aspects of Young’s career and features highlights from the quartet’s summer 1977 performances. Mosely was an original member of Bay Area band Moby Grape; Blackburn had previously fronted his own band and co-wrote the classic Young track “My My Hey Hey (Out of the Blue).” The band’s set lists were always very democratic, with each member of the band taking the lead in turn. Five Young songs are showcased, including a rocking version of “Mr. Soul”, plus beautiful renditions of “Are You Ready For The Country”, “Little Wing”, “Sail Away” and “Human Highway.” Produced by Tim Mulligan with Jeff Blackburn and Neil Young.




  1. I Am a Dreamer
  2. Younger Days
  3. Gypsy Wedding
  4. Are You Ready For The Country?
  5. Hold On Boys
  6. My My My (Poor Man)
  7. I’m Tore Down
  8. Hey Now
  9. Wide Eyed and Willing
  10. Truckin’ Man


  1. Sail Away
  2. Gone Dead Train
  3. Silver Wings
  4. Human Highway
  5. Your Love
  6. I’m Ready
  7. Little Wing
  8. Car Tune


  1. Windward Passage
  2. Leaving Us Now
  3. Mr. Soul
  4. Two Riders
  5. Honky Tonk Man
  6. Sailor Man
  7. Silver Wings