One of the most important and influential artists in rock history, The Kinks have been credited by many as the crucial ’60s genesis for everything from heavy metal to garage punk to Britpop. Originally released in 1975, Soap Opera may be the best and most entertaining of The Kinks’ celebrated concept albums. Built on themes of stardom vs. ordinary life, this album is a showcase for some of the most beautiful songs in the Kinks catalog, including “You Make It All Worthwhile,” “Underneath the Neon Sign” and the classic hit single “Everybody’s a Star.”



  1. Everybody’s a Star (Starmaker)
  2. Ordinary People
  3. Rush Hour Blues
  4. Nine to Five
  5. When Work Is Over
  6. Have Another Drink
  7. Underneath the Neon Sign
  8. Holiday Romance
  9. You Make It All Worthwhile
  10. Ducks on the Wall
  11. (A) Face in the Crowd
  12. You Can’t Stop the Music