It’s Hard celebrates its 40th anniversary with this expanded colored 180g vinyl 2LP-set. First released in September 1982, It’s Hard was The Who’s last studio album to feature John Entwistle and Kenney Jones, and the band’s last for 24 years, until they returned with Endless Wire in 2006. Disc one contains a half-speed remaster of the original album, while disc two continues the rest of the album with additional rare and unreleased material. Side four includes four previously unreleased tracks. One of these is the much-anticipated version of perhaps the album’s best-known track, “Eminence Front,” on which lead vocals by Roger Daltrey replaced those of the original by Townshend. The four bonus tracks also include an alternative mix of “Cry If You Want,” “One Life’s Enough” featuring a lead vocal by Townshend, and an unedited 1997 remix of Entwistle’s song “Dangerous.” This edition, with art by Richard Evans, also comes with a poster from the era.



1. Athena
2. It’s Your Turn
3. Cooks County
4. It’s Hard
5. Dangerous
6. Eminence Front
7. I’ve Known No War

1. One Life’s Enough
2. One At A Time
3. Why Did I Fall for That?
4. A Man Is A Man
5. Cry If You Want
6. Eminence Front [Roger Daltrey Vocal]
7. Cry If You Want [Unedited Mix]
8. One Life’s Enough [Pete Townshend Vocal]
9. Dangerous [1997 Unedited Remix]