In the Slot came off a four-year string of classic singles and albums. Tower of Power became a hit-making machine as albums like Back to Oakland and Urban Renewal became R&B standards. In the Slot was released in 1975 and marked the debut of new vocalist Hubert Tubbs. David Garibaldi returned to the drummer’s throne after being absent from the previous album Urban Renewal.



Side One:

  • Just Enough and Too Much
  • Treat Me Like Your Man
  • If I Play My Cards Right
  • As Surely as I Stand Here
  • Fanfare: Matanuska
  • On the Serious Side

Side Two:

  • Ebony Jam
  • You’re So Wonderful, So Marvelous
  • Vuela Por Noche
  • Essence of Innocence
  • The Soul of a Child
  • Drop It in the Slot