Whether you’re just starting your vinyl record collection or you’re a seasoned
collector always on the hunt for rare LPs, the process of finding the vinyl
record you’re after can be just as much fun as listening to it for the first time.

Know What You’re Buying

The most important thing to understand before you start searching is the
grading system for vinyl records. While the grade assigned to the record you’re
looking at is somewhat subjective, here are the general guidelines that are

  • Mint (M): Mint records are in perfect condition. Records in this condition
    will look fresh from the manufacturer and should be un-played. This
    grade is very hard to find when purchasing “used” records, as it can’t be
    used to describe anything less than a perfect record.
  • Near Mint (NM): Near mint records are shiny and free from defects and
    marks. The package will be open, and while the record may have been
    played, it should appear to be in new condition.
  • Very Good+ (VG+): These records look and play like new, but could have
    light wear visible.
  • Very Good (VG): Very good vinyl records have minor flaws that might
    affect sound quality, but only sparingly. • Good (G): Good records have significant surface noise when listening,
    and the experience will be affected but not necessarily ruined.
  • Poor (P) and Fair (F): These vinyl records are essentially unplayable.
    Skips and repeats ruin the listening experience.


Searching for vinyl records online gives you more access to rare titles and
artists, but the downside is that it is impossible to inspect the records in person
before purchase. Online prices are also often slightly inflated, especially on
auction sites like eBay. That being said, there are numerous reputable record
retailers online who sell both new and used records at affordable prices. For
both collectors and amateur vinyl buffs, online is a great choice.

Record Stores

Just like the process of visiting a bookstore in person is exciting for a book
lover, visiting a record store is very exciting for anyone who loves music. The
smell of old records, the endless bins filled with possibility and the helpful
staff members all transform record shopping into a special experience.

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