Gold Note Tube-1006

Gold Note Tube-1006


Class A Tube Output Unit – featuring multiple inductive power supply stages with 12 or 6 valve output stages.

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TUBE-1012 and TUBE-1006 are now compatible with sources and preamplifiers from other manufacturers thanks to the new Line Inputs. To use your TUBE with a unit of a different brand, simply press the “IN” button on the front panel to select the Line Input which features XLR and RCA connectors.

TUBE-1012  and  TUBE-1006 are the best way to improve even further the Gold Note sources reaching a new level of performance through the Class A 12 or 6 tubes output stages.
 Gold Note products are all solid-state designs, capable of great quality, control and definition providing outstanding realism in recreating the musical event. The idea behind designing TUBE-1012 & TUBE-1006 was to offer the quality of the sound of the tubes to every product to achieve the best of the two technologies, Solid State and Tube in perfect synergy.


TUBE-1006/1012Totem-Pole Output Stage design
MAX INPUT8Vrms linear
MAX OUTPUT20Vrms @ XLR & 10Vrms @ RCA
TUBESTUBE-1012: 6n1p x 12
TUBE-1006: 6n1p x 6
TRANSFORMERSNo coupling transformers on the IN/OUT
GAIN+3,5 dB
TUBE-1006: 50W
POWER SUPPLY100-120V / 220-240V, 50/60Hz
TUBE-1006: Gold Note custom made transformer
TUBE-1012: Super Linear Vacuum Tube Regulator with 4 Inductive Choke filters
DIMENSIONS430mm W 135mm H 370mm D
WEIGHTTUBE-1012: 35lbs net – 46lbs boxed
TUBE-1006: 29lbs net – 42lbs boxed

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